Thursday, 23 April 2009

Junkies tees in Saints Row 2

Well after about a year of working towards it the designs we did for the Saints Row 2 have finally gone live in their first big download pack. Check out all the details here

We've been selling the hoodie and Stilwater Saints t-shirts designs since the game came out - there was a nice advert for them on the back cover of the game manual. It was a great tie-in with Joystick Junkies - we got them stocked in a bunch of fashion stores across Europe and did a lot of promotion with the fashion press together.

The hoodie has been a great seller and we'll be re-producing it for Christmas in a nice Saints Row purple too!

Goldie Lookin' Chain on Switch

Goldie Lookin' Chain were on the BBC's Switch with Tom Deacon yesterday (another 'Junkie fan) and one of lads was sporting our Invaded Legs design you can watch it here

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Metrovelvet shoot for Joystick Junkies

Online fashion magazine Metrovelvet recently shot some of Joystick Junkies spring-summer collection. It's a great 14 page spread, click on the image to check it out in full

Thursday, 16 April 2009

They're Here...

Darn it those crop circles are back and guess who's making them this time!

The Heavy Heavy Sound....

We used to do a party at the old SAK Bar in Greek Street every month. Simon Bartholomew from the Brand New Heavies popped in one night as he loved the old school arcade machines we'd bring down to the nights