Saturday, 31 January 2009

Ghetto style

Think I found the inspiration for one of our new t-shirts. Sorted out wad magazine party for tonight which a load of us brits will go to. I've found some great accessories for our next shoot too so its been a good day so far.

Free champagne comes in all sizes

Apparently its free drinks on stand a17 at 5pm tells me two girls in stilted english (yep shame on me I haven't resurrected my school level english yet). The bizarre umbrellas must be to shield them from the fountains of cool pouring off the stands they visit...ahem. I realise now why it was so important to learn phrases like le chat et sur la table because of course you often come across that here in a trade show. Sod this I'm off for a drink!

Friday, 30 January 2009

Hot Rock

Usually the domain of rock labels we did the funky pirate skull design last season and this new one is a hit at the show!

Button Mashers

The lads on the stand across from us have got a mini basketball court and these ol school machines - gotta love the neo-geo!

Who's Next - day one!

Okay just got here - rick set up the stand yesterday and already we've had some great retailers on. Tired still though was a 5am start this morning and suspect I was snoring on the eurostar! I shall have to resurrect my cool by bringing you some fabulous images of stuff here. Laters

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Gotta love those colours...

You gotta love this's only Wednesday and already the wacky 'check this out' emails are doing the rounds. I particularly love the colours and sound fx in this really!

Watch and enjoy!

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Paris here we come

I'm going on friday to Who's Next. Of course on arrival I'll be checking out what parties will be on and my friends Tissem and Christine who live in Paris are planning a big night out on the saturday

That pile of boxes

And that's only samples from one factory! I'm going to have to bring climbing gear into the office just to get to my desk at this rate...

Paris darling, shoots and webby stuff

I'm (Chris) off to Paris with Rick next week - not the glamorous fashion week but for the rather funkier Who's Next fashion trade show - everyone has stands and shows off their new gear. We'll have some of the current stock on show including best sellers like Pirate Skull and of course the samples from the Winter 09 range. That's if they bloody get here in time. A bunch have arrived already (that's why my desk is surrounded in piles of boxes again) but of course typically the factories always have some problem that they decide not to let you know about until the last minute...sigh...

I'm trying to add the flickr gallery but it keeps showing pictures of fluffy cats and landscapes and not our account pics. I think i'll end up spending my life uploading photos to different sites. Web 2.0 (or is it web 2.0 'service shall be resumed shorly'). We all know what plug and play means, but try and interfeed every site you have? haha, when it works it's like bloody magic and when it doesn't your sitting there scratching your head thinking it's time for your 3rd cup of tea and sod it I've got better things to do

The point of it is, the gallery on flickr - joystickjunkieslondon , has got all the latest photoshoot so it'd be darn convenient to be able to have them sitting their happily on the side bar. Ah well that's tomorrow's problem

Next up Ansa, Cindy, Rick and Lee - I'll introduce them all and maybe some pics of what we get up to.

Oh we're on sale at the moment - there's some tees as low as £9.99 and hoodies and jackets in the twentysomething quid mark so check 'em out here